Papersky Team, Paul Buck, Samantha Mortimer, Scott Freeman - Papersky

About Papersky SMS Messenger

Here at Papersky we think our approach to SMS campaigns is a little bit different. Our SMS system gives our clients a quick and easy way to connect instantly with their customers; our campaign builder is intuitive and simple to use; our rates are competitive... but you've heard this all before, right?

The Papersky Team

We love our job and hopefully that shows in our work. We are a small but fast growing, very motivated company who are driven by delivering a high level of ROI for businesses.

Papersky is not just a standalone SMS messaging service.

We're designers at heart but have evolved to become experts in online development, with a focus on integrated campaigns that encompass mobile, email and web-based communications. This means we can get your SMS campaigns to work harder and more efficiently as part of your wider marketing plan. We'll help you create innovative, impactful campaigns that support your goals and fit your strategy; and we'll build the mechanics you need to ensure leads are captured and handled smoothly.

At the end of a campaign, our advanced reporting delivers real insight into customer behaviour. We treat SMS just like we treat email, with analysis on click-through and response rates as standard. Our contact network system allows clients to divide and segment their lists ready for future activity; and with a little online development work we can even show you who converted further down the line.

All this, with traditional design and creativity built in. We're confident that when you work with Papersky, you won't need other providers to help deliver your campaign. And because of this, it'll cost you less and give you a higher return on your marketing spend.

Like I said, a little bit different.