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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Short Code?

Short Codes are a 5-6 digit number that allows a mobile user to text to instead of a normal mobile number, when a specific word is texted to this number, that message filters into a specific inbox. For example, text WIN to 60300 to enter our competition. All the texts containing the word WIN will filter into a list for a Papersky SMS account user to add to their growing contact network. Great for mobile opt-ins!

What is a Dedicated (Virtual) Number?

A dedicated number looks like a regular mobile number, but is used within the Papersky application for receiving replies from your customer network. Papersky Chat is one feature you can utilise when a dedicated number has been setup. You can also easily setup unlimited keywords to receive replies on, so for example, running a survey is easy, each keyword text incoming filters into a separate list for analysis.

Is there a custom pricing option for sending high text volumes?

Of course! We hope to compete with all the market leaders on price, so call us today to discuss the best option.

What are credits?

Texts are sent by purchasing credits, within the UK 1 Credit = 1 Text, and this value is the same for sending to many countries around the world. Some international sends will cost slightly more, see our international prices here. Credits do not expire. Once credits have been purchased they are not refundable.

Why are some of my texts not reaching their destination?

Texts sent out using Premium / Direct routes ensure reliability, campaigns are analysed using the delivery reports. When the percentage delivered is less than 100%, this can mean a recipient handset is off, and the application will deliver as soon as the handset is turned back on and will update reports accordingly, or the recipient number may be incorrect, therefore never delivering to the destination. Unfortunately undelivered texts are non refundable, as we are charged by our suppliers for sending every text message through the Papersky application.

Is SMS better than Email Marketing?

We believe that the comparison between Email and Mobile is vast, see this article for more information.

Can you help integrate within my current marketing strategy?

We have over 20 years experience in promoting businesses from print marketing to advanced online marketing, Papersky can advise or implement what is necessary to drive ROI.

Can you help me format my contacts?

Importing contacts, or ANY help you require within the application is only a phone call / email away, we aim to respond / fix any problem within minutes.

For more information or advice, please
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