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Advanced SMS marketing tools give marketers
greater insight into the mind of the consumer.
Papersky Limited has launched their new, highly anticipated SMS (short message service) marketing

Free Trial offered so clients can experience
the enhanced features of the platform.

This new tool is designed to be used as an SMS / CRM manager, with the ability to track performance
of mobile based campaigns in an intelligent and intuitive manner. The application gives marketing
professionals the advanced reporting options which show tangible evidence into the habits and
thought processes of their target audience.This advanced SMS platform is the first to provide
marketers with the kind of detailed consumer insights that are standard in email marketing.
There are 4.5 billion mobile devices that actively use SMS on a daily basis. The average person looks
at his or her phone 150 times per day on average. This has some serious implications for marketers.
With so many people using SMS, the mobile marketing industry is still virtually untouched; not even
coming within a fraction of its full potential. Until now, there has not been a platform that has allowed
users to communicate instantaneously with their customers, implement campaigns, as well as offer
the powerful, statistical data needed to take their SMS campaigns to unknown heights.
Papersky Managing Director, Paul Buck, had this to say about their innovative new application,
"Papersky is proud to have created the most robust SMS platform on the market to date. We saw an
opportunity to increase ROI by delivering a SMS product that rivalled the analytical capabilities
previously only found with email marketing platforms."
This is an equally exciting innovation for store owners (both ecommerce and brick and mortar) as it
allows them to spread brand awareness by having the ability to fully interact with existing and
previous customers. Imagine users being able to notify a customer about sales or discounts by
sending a message directly to their mobile device where they are guaranteed to see it. There is also
a chat feature which allows users to directly chat with their prospects in real time.
Papersky Managing Director, Paul Buck
"We are the only SMS provider that can seamlessly develop all the creative elements necessary to
ensure that our client's SMS campaign will be a success."
Other key features include the ability to set up keywords; on short codes and virtual numbers for
helping to create leads. Fully personalise campaigns by sending custom messages. There is even an
option that allows users to schedule when their messages are sent to prospects in order to take
advantage of key times for specific demographics. The results of messages sent are fully trackable
including a unique ability to view how many messages were sent, replied to, and even the click
through rates of links.
You may reach Papersky Limited
by contacting, Paul Buck
+44 (0)7800 734715