Creative Collective

Whether you put paint on canvas or use a palette of pixels, let’s build something incredible TOGETHER!






Who are Papersky?

Established 2010

Samantha met Paul in 2010 and established Papersky. We specialise in Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing.
Our heart / soul is photography and wish we had more time to shoot. We are crazy about digital art!

We’ve been looking for a passion project for some time. Since being active on clubhouse / twitter spaces we have
enjoyed listening to fellow creatives talk about their work, share ideas and grow. There is great power in community,
so we aim to harness that spirit and build a collective project that can grow exponentially to the stars and back again!

What is the Project?

Join the Creative Collective

We are building a multi-layered infrastructure for this project. (Tangible) Art Print Marketplace, offering members an option
to list work for sale as Art Prints. An exclusive curated NFT Marketplace, built with community input and a DAO Roadmap,
paying our members financial % rewards from combined marketplace sales.

Marketplaces (Tangible and NFT) will utilise the power of blockchain technology, using it to authenticate editions and purchases.
Two separate ecosystems will co-exist. One, specifically for Photographers and one for Fine Art / Digital Art and more.
Find out more at and

Community for all Creatives

Whether you are a Photographer / Painter / Digital Artist / Illustrator / Architect / Poet / Writer… everyone is welcome

Although part of our roadmap is to build an NFT marketplace (owned by the members). This project is not exclusively about NFTs.
We will be offering Promotional Opportunities that will offer huge value for artist growth.





Quick Links Profile Page

Every member gets a quick links page for using as their link in bio destination

Here are some examples based on membership status. For details on customisation, visit the discord

Membership Level PRO includes Pro design features for your quick links (link in bio) page

Membership Level STANDARD includes standard design for your quick links (link in bio) page

Member Access / Details

Quick and Simple Breakdown

• (Link in Bio) Profile Page
Shown in Curated Virtual Exhibitions
Access to Exclusive Events
Collaboration Opportunities

• List work on Physical Art Print Shop (Optional)
• Exclusive NFT Marketplace (see roadmap)
• DAO Development Plan
• Promo Resources

Virtual Exhibition Spaces

We will be creating / connecting multiple virtual spaces to exhibit artists in the collective

We are currently building multiple Cryptovoxels spaces to do exclusive curated exhibitions for our members.
We are also working with an unreal engine partner to offer exhibition space within that ecosystem.

Roadmap / Targets / Timeline

Here is an outline of deliverables we will achieve and how we will progress this project

Phase 1

Applications Open

Members Access and Token Mint

Genesis Virtual Exhibition

Members (Quick-Links) Micro-sites Active

Twitter Spaces / Social Discussion

Promo Network Hub Build / Marketing Strategy and Resources

Phase 2

Begin (Collective Owned) NFT Marketplace Development

Launch Curated (Tangible) Art Print Marketplace

Mid-Project Financial / Development Review

Early ideas and community input on DAO infrastructure

Connecting Multiple Virtual Exhibition Spaces

Continued Promo Network Hub / Community Discussions

Phase 3

Finalise the Community / DAO Infrastructure Plan

Complete NFT Marketplace Development

DAO Member Options based on Infrastructure Plan

Continued Growth and Promotion

Membership Tiers

Due to limited member tokens, and to ensure quality of content in the collective, we have a quick approval process before joining.

* Yearly Membership. Payment in Dollars / GBP - NFT Member Tokens sent to wallet on preferred blockchain.


Link in Bio Page / Standard

Monthly Upgrade Raffle

Standard Listing


Link in Bio Page / PRO

FREE / 3 Month Trial

ALL PRO Features >


PRO – $75*

Link in Bio Page / PRO

Promo Network Hub

Virtual Exhibitions

Art Print Marketplace

$75 per year


PREMIUM – $150*

Link in Bio Page / Premium

Promo Network Hub

Virtual Exhibitions

Art Print Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

$150 per year