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Intuitive Campaign Format

We've spent a great deal of time creating a system that acts as the user expects. The result is an application that intuitively guides newcomers through each step of the process, whilst giving confident mobile marketers a slick and streamlined user experience.

Incorporating clear and intelligent processes for building, sending and managing campaigns, the system is geared up to provide detailed post-campaign reporting that is easy to understand and gives real insight into customer behaviour.

Advanced Reporting

Analysing past campaigns is crucial to improving results in the future. All the industry benchmarking in the world won't tell you exactly how YOUR customers react, but Papersky reports will.

We go further with our reporting than other providers, who will often only tell you how many of your messages were delivered successfully. Just like with email marketing, our system tracks click-through and response rates to help you understand which campaigns work best and why.

You can drill down to the list of customers that clicked through or responded and group them into a separate list for a follow-up campaign.

Chat is great for:

  • Reminders and confirmation of events, appointments and delivery slots
  • Cutting down on costly phone or paper-based chasers
  • Inbound enquiries or feedback
  • Bespoke customer interactions


Whilst sending out a SMS campaign to a large audience can be an effective way to generate leads, there will be times when you need to target and communicate with individuals on a one-to-one basis. Our 'Chat' function behaves just like normal text messaging, enabling you to send and receive messages via a dedicated number.

All conversations are stored with your Papersky account and are accessible online at any time.

Manageable Contact Networks

A good, clean network of opted-in contacts gives you a sure-fire way of getting your message out. The Papersky system allows contact networks to be built from scratch - either by importing an existing list via CSV file, or by adding responder data from campaigns as they happen.

Post-campaign, our user-friendly reports allow marketers to segment their network into sub-groups with similar interests or motivations. As a result they have the opportunity to delve deeper into the responses of each group and target them with a more specific follow-up message or offer.

Shortcode Keywords

At Papersky, shortcode keywords are easy to set up. Used in broader online and offline marketing activity, they give customers a quick and easy way to opt in and become part of a SMS contact network. When a shortcode keyword is used, the sender is automatically added to the relevant Papersky contact network.


The fields on your Papersky contact network database can be used to personalise campaign messages for greater impact and to maintain closer contact. Personalised messages can be sent to multiple contacts within a group using the PERSONALISE button in the Papersky SMS Campaign Builder.

Merge Contacts from Campaigns

We have a lot of really cool features to our application that separate us from our competition, but this is a really powerful function!

'Company A' sends out a campaign and 50% of the 5000 contacts clicked through to the trackable URL.

Not only can you view that list of contacts but you can create new groups and merge these contacts to other groups. This sounds pretty standard, but you will be amazed at how little the flexibility is with other sms platforms on the market.


Timing is everything with some promotions or offers, but the right time may not necessarily be convenient for you. Scheduling campaigns with Papersky SMS Messenger is quick and easy - just a few clicks and your message will be held in the queue until the time you specify.

Dedicated numbers

A dedicated number gives more scope to engage and interact with customers - whether that's through individual messaging or by collecting responses for follow-up. At Papersky, each dedicated number has an inbox to store replies and conversations, allowing you to manage your enquiries and leads online as well as integrate those contacts into the audience segments in your network.

Each dedicated number is unique and comes with a free, unlimited amount of keywords.

Segment and target

If you're familiar with email marketing, you'll know how important it is to analyse campaign results, review click-throughs, then segment and target your audience based on their interests, motivations and behaviours.

Papersky gives you the same functionality for SMS marketing. Once a campaign has been sent, you can use the resulting click-through and response data to create new audience groups. You can also merge contacts into other groups within your network: all duplicates are automatically removed so you don't risk confusing people with multiple messages.